P2914 Smile Sandwich & Rice Ball Sheets

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These wraps helps to absorbs excess moistures and oil from food!

Great for wrapping baked sandwiches, french toasts, onigiri, rice balls etc.

Total of 12 sheets in each pack - 4 M size and 8 S size

*  This is not a cooking sheet - please do not use in microwave, ovens or stove etc.

*  Wrap food on the non-printed side of the sheets.  The printed side should be facing outwards.

*  When wrapping onigiri, lightly sprinkle water on your hands or rice balls before wrapping them. Otherwise, the rice may stick to the sheet.

*  Depending on the way and the type of rice is cooked, excess water and oil may not be 100% absorb by the sheet.

*  If you pack food with strong acid and salt content (eg, umeboshi, miso, soy sauce) for a long time, the food may discolour or erode/cause holes on the sheets.

Imported from & Made in Japan

M Size sheets : abt. 245 mm × 250 mm
S Size sheets : abt. 180 mm × 185 mm

Aluminum + Glassine