Bunny & Chick Mini Onigiri Set

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Create cute bunny and chick/egg mini rice balls at one go! Each mini rice ball is about 20g~ 

Easy to use - Simply fill the rice ball maker with rice, cover with the lid, and press.

Decorate the bunny and chick with different cute decoration & expressions! 

Package contains :
Rice ball type x1 piece
Food cutter x1 piece
Seaweed puncher x1 piece


Care of Nori Puncher

* Do not wash Nori Puncher with water. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean after use and leave it to air dry.

* Do not use on seasoned seaweed, other ingredients, or paper. 

* Use the puncher on a flat and stable place, and insert only 1 piece of seaweed at any one time.

Ø Dishwasher

Rice ball type: Overall length 15.5 x Depth 4 x Height 3 cm
Ingredient cutter: Length 12 x Width 6.5 x Thickness 1.5 cm
Nori punch: Width 2.5 x Depth 2.5 x Height 3 cm

Rice ball type: Polypropylene (120 ℃)
Food cutter: ABS resin (80 ℃)
Seaweed puncher: ABS resin, zinc alloy