Kiddies Food Kutter & Safety Food Peeler - Twin Pack

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The original kids’ safety knife that won’t cut hands!

Since 1979, the Kiddies Food Kutter has made for the perfect kid’s utensil to help little ones get involved with cooking, meal preparation and cutting their own dinner on the plate. Thanks to their intuitive design and ergonomic shapes, Kiddies Food Kutter products teach fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and independence, while building self-confidence. If you’ve always wanted to get your kids more involved with mealtime but have been worried about safety, the Kiddies Food Kutter is your answer to an inclusive new activity for the whole family to enjoy.

This is a twin pack which consist of 1 Kiddies Food Kutter and 1 Safety Food Peeler of the same colour.

Kiddies Food Kutter

The Kiddies Food Kutter is perfect for getting kids involved in cooking and meal preparation and cutting their own dinner on the dinner plate. It teaches fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, independence, and builds self-confidence.  

Suitable for all skill levels for children 2 years onwards (with adult supervision), left and right-handed, and for kids with special needs or a disability. This kids’ knife can be safely used to cut everything from soft fruit to hard vegetables. Mum and Dad can spend dinner time eating – not cutting! The Kiddies Food Kutter teaches and encourages children to learn dinner table etiquette

Safe stainless steel design with rounded teeth & no sharp edges. Cuts even hard veggies like pumpkin & carrots, plus is great to cut cooked meat & veggies on the dinner plate.

Use with a sawing action and not a pressing action like traditional cutting.


Safety Food Peeler

Cleverly designed bladeless peeler that keeps fingers safe!

Peels all the fruit & veggies a normal peeler can (except pumpkin).

Also great on hard cheese!

Suitable for kids 3 years onwards, left or right-handers, the disabled, adult left-handers, the elderly with arthritis and dementia.

It requires little strength to use – in fact, the lighter you slide it along, the better result! 


Available in 8 bright colours : red, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, lime green and yellow. The cute packaging means it is perfect to give as a gift.

Dishwasher safe and BPA free. Made in Australia - certified with Australian Made and Owned Logo 

** This is not a toy, please do not store together with children toys.**



Twin Pack with Packaging is 17.5 cm x 10 cm x 1cm

Kiddies Food Kutter
The Kutter is Est. 14.3cm in total length.
Blade : Est. 6.7 cm long x 0.9 cm width
Handle : Est. 7.6 cm long x 2.6 cm width


Safety Food Peeler
16.5 cm long x 4.3 cm


Kiddies Food Kutter : Stainless Steel Blade with Plastic Handle
Safety Food Peeler : Plastic

Customer Reviews

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Appearance:ok Performance:ok Quality:ok Happy with the purchase have to sAw the food not really cut


Fast delivery. Worth for the price paid. Good quality material


Fast delivery, kiddo loves to help out in the kitchen and wants to be independent. I hope more kid friendly equipment can be in the market for them


Quality:good Original and made in Australia. Have yet to try but the knife looks good to cut through hard vegetables and not just soft ones.


Performance:works well enough to be safe for LO. Quality:good quality and dish wash safe need to use some strength and sawing action to cut thru cabbages etc. but LO is happy enough to be able to partake in dinner prep activity.